Sunday, December 30, 2007

Am I a Bank Robber?

Well hello. I am very new to blogging. I've played around on three earlier blog sites, making many mistakes and hopefully learning the nuts and bolts. Time will tell whether this brand new site is any better!!! I am a tourist group leader, fairly advanced years but at this exact moment I am out of work, hence the time to start blogging. But, you will say, what about your title? Well, I am sure you would not be reading this if I had entitled it "Needatourmanager." I know, because I had a website and blogs with that name, hits ----- nil. But, everything I put on this and future blogs is 100% true. I may not give the whole truth, but it is nothing but the truth. And, to give the title some sense, some fourty years ago the most senior detective in Flintshire Police force said to me "We are convinced that if you did'nt do it, you know who did do it." That was fourty years ago. So as any readers can put it in present day perspective, I have multiplied all sums of money mentioned now and in the future by ten. This means that I am writing in terms of what the money would be worth today, after inflation. So, what was he talking about? The fact that well over a quarter of a million pounds had gone missing from Barclays Bank in Rhyl, North Wales, where I happened to work at that time. This money has never been seen to this day. It was, in my opinion a victimless crime. No individual lost any money, apart, possibly, shareholders of Barclays loosing about a half pence off their dividend. I might add, the Police did not see eye to eye with me on that point. I wonder if I have got you interested. In any event, more will be revealed!!! Mike Owen


Chris said...

Hija Mike,

thanks a lot for your interest and your great comments. It's always a pleasure to read from you.

Wish I had your life experience! Might have to wait another few more years.

All the best for your blogging and other ventures!


Billy said...


zorak163 said...

This is a very interesting concept for a blog - glad I stumbled onto your page!

eastcoastlife said...

Hello Mike!
That's a cool name for a blog! I was thinking, 'What a bold robber to be using this name!'
You are a robber alright, you rob traffic so they could come to your blog!

Needatourleader? said...

At last---I'm getting a few comments. Rather a surprise though. as of now I hav'ent had any questions at all. That has surprised me. Anyway, thanks again to Zorak, Eastcoastlife and of course Chris from Nomad4ever. Don't know about Billy, his blog is way above my head, poetry is definately not my best subject.

weezyweewee said...

cor blimey this is working out harder than i expected...not the story, just trying to sign up to be able to post a comment lol. any way, you may find this comment is duplicated so im sorry if it is. does your blog finish after you get transfered to liverpool or am i not doing it right? like you mike, i am new to all this too lol.

juliemarg said...

Tonight's news in Sacramento was about the sports coat bank robber ... is that you? ;^D