Saturday, December 29, 2007


Well, Ive had a hit or two, perhaps its just my friends. But never mind, I am going to carry on with writing about my job as a Tour leader ----- O.K. I heard the groans, so instead I will write a bit more about the missing quarter of a million pounds!!!! It all started on 30th November1964. Well, thats not right, it all started when someone, maybe me or maybe one of my fellow workers in the Bank, lifted the quarter million. But, as far as I told the Police, it all started on 30/11/64. I was just going out of the Bank to enjoy an unofficial coffee break in the cafe opposite. I did this most days, as did most of the shall I say middle management of the Bank staff. As I walked out I passed a Mr Eddie Myers, a local bookmaker from Rhyl, walking in. On my return to my desk, the buzzer from the Managers room rang, a message for me to go in. I knocked on the door, and entered. Behind the desk was a Mr Bryn Roberts, the Chief Clerk of the branch. To the right was Eddie Myers. On the desk was a black deed box, open. I looked from one to another, neither said anything but Myers appeared visably distressed, his face was the colour of chalk. I said "You rang?" Roberts eventually replied "Yes, this is Mr.Eddie Myers." Me "Yes, I know." Roberts "This is his deed box." Me "Yes, I know." My job as the securities clerk included looking after deedboxes. Roberts "The last time Mr Myers looked in this deedbox, it had £100,000 in notes inside it. All three of us leaned forward and looked in the deedbox. Clean as a whistle. That will have to do for now. Mike Owen

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