Friday, December 28, 2007

November 30th l964. A day to be remembered.

Hello. I have read that a succesful blog always has entries made at least daily, even hourly. Well, I cannot do that. This explains why there is no new post from me yesterday. I must be fairly unique, I have two P.Cs and I have internet server access, BUT --- I havent got a phone, well not a landline phone. Ive got a mobile, of course. The reason I havent got a phone is because I live, if you can use that word, in an old mobile touring caravan, and, understandably, B.T. decline putting a line into it. So, my alternatives is satellite BT openzone, very expensive, or plugging my laptop onto my daughters phone line, and she lives 25 miles away. Yes, I know you can post blogs from a mobile, but I havent got round to sussing out how to do it yet, Im still struggling making a normal blog!!! So, please excuse me if my blog goes dead for a few days at a time, I will tell you the full story . Of course, if I told you I was telling you the full story, well I would be admitting that I had done it. Im not chancing that, not with the Police, maybe, reading it. Can a 75 year old man be sent to prison for something that happened 40 or so years ago? I dont think I will chance it. Anyway, back to Nov 30,1964. I left the Managers room and returned to my desk. After about five minutes Eddie Myers left the Bank, looking decidly unhappy. At sometime later Bryn Roberts, the Chief Clerk, came out of the Managers room and said to me Ive told L.H.O.(Local Head Office) About half an hour later the Manager arrived. Myfyr Hedd Jones Owen by name. Obviously a welshman, but one who had forsaken his Welsh background. He was even proud that he had trained himself to have no trace of a welsh accent, he spoke perfect BBC English. I never found out why he was over two hours late starting work that day. He was alcoholic, he went on terrible drinking trips virtually every night, and sometimes all day as well. However, he was always immaculately dressed in the morning, showed no signs of the night before, and, indeed, once told me that he had never had a hangover in his life. Ive been told since that is one sign of a true alcoholic, I dont know if that is correct. About two oclock in the afternoon the Bank inspectors started to arrive, in small groups. They had obviously travelled from some distance away. They started an inspection of the branch about three oclock. This involved first of all in checking the tills and the postage drawer. Inspectors always started by checking the postage drawer, they reckoned that all large time bank frauds were done by staff who had started out fiddling the postage drawer. Well, I had fiddled the postage drawer in my time, but I was never caught out. I dont know if you think that means anything. The District Chief Inspector arrived then disappeared, no doubt off to see Mr Myers. At about the usual time, we, and the inspectors, all left for home, or wherever. So that was day one. Mike

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