Thursday, December 27, 2007

That evening. I'm keeping that to myself

So, the evening of 30th November. I had a strong idea I might have been followed. I am not going to say what I did or where I went that night because of my honesty and truth statement. I may reveal it later, depends on how this blog site develops. The next day, Tuesday 1st December, I dont honestly remember much about this. More and more Inspectors arrived, now there were eight or nine. Everyone on the staff were looking at each other. At one time I remember the boss saying "Now, I wonder whats this guy up to." He meant Eddie Myers. No sign of Mr.Myers. Last thing in the afternoon someone told me "They are going to do a full inspection." This is what Bank Inspectors did about every five or six years, they went to town on a Branch and looked at and into everything. It took usually about three to four weeks. Little did we know that this inspection would take about seven months, and one of the inspectors was transferred permanently onto Rhyl branch staff!!! The next bombshell was about to fall the next day. Ill tell you about that later. In the meantime, i will just tell you the staff makeup. Manager, Mr Owen, Chief clerk, Bryn Roberts, First cashier a fifty years old Ceredig Lewis, me as Securities clerk, Wyn Roberts, a bit younger than me as my assistant, Margaret Brookes a local girl aged then about thirty, Secretaty and typist, Ann Kelsey, also a typist, and about five or six young ladies in the machine room upstairs in various superiority, also at least one young lad, maybe two, who were "juniors" otherwise doing all the odd jobs that needed doing, the errands to be run etc. Oh, I missed out two more cashiers, probably Wyn would also be a busy time cashier when he was not helping me. Thats just to give you a general picture. So, to Wednesday!!!

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