Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Now its a missing deedbox

Wednesday, December 2nd Inspectors hard at work. Myers had obviously been interviewed. Wyn whispered to me "There's a deedbox missing."One of the Inspectors came to me me and said something like "We cannot find this box do you know anything about it?" I looked blank. It turned out that the deedbox belonged to a Mr. Ernie Taylor, a showman off the Rhyl fair. No sign of it. The inspectors all went into retreat, big conference. By chance, I went into the Managers room, after knocking, and inside was the District Inspector by himself on the phone, and just as I entered he said "this seems to confirm that Myers is telling the truth." It was fairly obvious that he was talking about the missing deedbox. I'll skip ahead a day or two now. News filtered back, Ernie Taylor had been seen, he claimed that the missing deedbox contained 75.000 pounds. So now the missing total was 170.000 pounds!!!! AND MAYBE RISING Mike

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