Tuesday, December 25, 2007

And my key fitted it

This is a bit of a nuts and bolts blog for a change. Ive had an email from a Mr Dom Gabriele in the U.S.A Email Domgab1914@comcast.net. He is obviously a very experienced blogger, his blog is, in my opinion, first class. But he says he cannot post some comments here on my blog, , perhaps he wants to say its rubbish!!! Reason being he has not got an account with Google. He suggests I put my Email address on my homepage. Well, I need a bit of time to work out how I amend my homepage. I know its easy----if only I knew how!!! I will do it as soon as pos, in the meantime a couple of my Email addresses: Hellotowyntravel@aol.com and VOrigMichaelOwen@aol.com. Also I would just mention. This blog is written straight out of my mind, I dont think beforehand what I'm going to say, and I do it fairly fast. Disadvantages: I am making loads of keyboard mistakes, things are not always in the best order and spelling mistakes creep in. Advantages: Ive told you it is 100% true. Its coming straight out of my memories. Anyway, back to the missing money. Firstly, I must have made a small error in the amounts. I said Myers £100,000 and Taylor £75,000 total £175,000. But, in the middle of the night I recalled quoting a figure of £168,000 a lot later, to the Police. I am sure of this, even after 40 years, because when asked by them how much was missing, I replied "sixteen eight" and the C.I.D. man thought I said "sixtyeight." I saw the startled glance between the two top men!!! It does'ent really matter, the final figure which I will reveal was a lot higher, in any case. Another small thing has come back to me. The securities desk, which I was in charge of, had its own deedbox. I used it for keeping the more important papers together, I kept it on my desk and at night put it in the strongroom. I had the key on my bunch. The system with keys in the Bank was every member of staff was either on the "A" list or the "B" list. Once on this list, you were on it for life. When you went for lunch etc. you gave your keys to someone else on the same list as you. If you were B, you never ever touched an A key. As most important things, and most definately the strongroom, had two locks, this meant that even if you were not in the branch, the staff had access to everywhere and everything, because you had left your keys. You never had access to the other stream so as to prevent possible duplication of vital keys. Anyway, Bryn Roberts, the Chief Clerk, came to me and said "Do you know that your box key fits Eddie Myers' and opens it?" I said No. Well, I could hardly have said Yes, that would at the very least have meant I had been messing around trying to get into boxes. Not recommended. I know this may be boring, but if you stick with it, it will help to give you the big picture. We have come to the weekend, now. Time to think. No sign of the Police. I don't know if the Bank advised Myers/Taylor not to do anything, in any event, they were unlikely to call in the Police themselves. After all, what was the money doing in these deedboxes in any case? I've no doubt we all know why, both customers dealt in cash transactions. Mike Owen

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