Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A night in Payne's Corner House

I am thinking about redoing this entire blog, and dating it as it happened in 1964. What a job!!! But, it might be simplier for anyone daft enough to read it, that is, apart from the two or three hundred from the Rhyl area who would be MOST interested, if only they knew what I was doing. However, can I go back to Boxing Day, 1964. Anyone who has read this, or who knew me from that time, will know that I was well involved with Monica, the beauty from Sandycroft with the morals of an alley cat. My Wife was delighted, we were going to spend Xmas with my Mother and Sister in Rhos on Sea, further away from Sandycroft than Rhyl where we lived. Unfortunately for her, unknown .Monica and her husband where spending Xmas at the Stanley, a rough pub in the middle of Llandudno. Her friend was manageress for a few weeks. So, Boxing night I slipped off, a night with Monica at Paynes Corner House, a sort of West Indian steel band, a nice atmosphere and I was with , without doubt, the most striking beauty in the place. We sat down, I looked up, and there, in the balcony, was Susan Jones, a young lady from the machine room in work!!! Oh dear, well never mind. Just another thing to put the suspicion more on me

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