Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Back to workl after the holiday. The pressure is building up. We are all being interviewed constantly by the Inspectors. Questions about our own lifestyle, questions about other members of the staff. One of the many things the inspectors have done is, go over our Bank accounts, our own personal ones, with a microscope. They found out that there was one of my cheques missing, from back in October. In other words, it had not been presented for payment. Would I tell them who is was payable to. I could not remember. But, in early October, my Wife , eight year old son and myself did go for a weeks holiday in London. We stayed at the small hotel that the Bank used to accomodate staff when they were on training courses in London, that is how I knew it, and when we got there we found that one of the Rhyl staff , a young lady from the machine room, happened to be there at the same time. We spoke briefly to each other. I think, what happened was I was unsure whether I had enough cash to pay the bill. Because I was afraid of being embarrased if the bill was for more than I had in my pocket, prior to going to the reception I made out a cheque payable to the hotel, so, if needs be, I could pull it straight out of my pocket. In those days, cheques were often not accepted. In fact, I had enough cash, so I tore the cheque up. The Inspectors obviously did'nt believe this story. In fact, they did'nt seem to believe anything I said. They thought I had given a big cheque out to a moneylender or something like that. Also, every day, I thought more and more of the staff were pointing the finger at me. Maybe I was paranoid, but, with hindsight I don't think so. So, about midweek, I awoke in the morning, looked at my watch, 09.45 a.m. I should have been in work at nine. I was always at the death, 5 minutes late. But, this was different, everyone was going to be stareing at me, I'd have to try and make excuses, and -- the atmosphere of suspicion ----- on my way into Rhyl in my car, on an impulse, I turned around and drove off into the country, who knows to where. Mike


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