Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Was it collusion?

Sorry to keep the five or so readers I've got in suspense as to where I went on the morning I overslept. When the audience is bigger, you will find out. In the meantime one thing I was questioned about in detail was "Who did I think had done it?" Obviously it was an inside job, there had been no break in and it was impossible to get into the strongroom when it was locked because it needed two members of staff at the same time to produce keys.But, the next question "What about collusion?" This is where two or more members of staff get together to pull a fraud. This is always reckoned to be the worst type of inside bank fraud, I don't really know why. My reply to both questions was a rather long drawn out statement which, in effect, meant I did'nt have a clue. However, one thing I was sure of, and I told the Inspectors. If it WAS collusion, then, in my opinion, it was the manager, Myfyr Hedd and the Chief Clerk, Bryn. Why. I don't really know, just a strong gut feeling, but more, I did'nt think anyone else on the Bank's staff were close enough to do anything like this together. The Manager and C.C. spent hours together .in the office, talking. They appeared to understand each other well, I won't say they were friends, but they appeared to "get on." Not like the rest of the staff, all the girls were frightened of the Manager. I got on reasonably, but no more. Now, back to making links!!!

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