Monday, December 17, 2007

On the run?

Back to the story. Its just after Xmas, I've overslept, and instead of driving to work, I am driving the opposite direction to goodness knows where. I had no iodea where I was going, I was just driving, thinking. I ended up in an area around Trelogan, if anyone klnows North Wales. I had a brilliant view accross Prestatyn and Rhyl towatrds Llandudno. I stopped the car, and just thought, and thought and thought. What a bloody mess, my life in the Bank would never be the same again whatever the outcome. Too much had already come out about my private life for me to be able to carry on in my cushy job with a good chance of promotion. Also, there had been shortfalls in some of my work, nothing too drastic, most of it to do with securityaspects. The sort of thing was the handling of keys. I have already told you that thetre were two "streams" of key holders. However, Caredog Lewis was one offender, and me I must admit. He used to keep his keys in his till drawer along side him when he was on the till. Often, if I needed to get in the strongroom, which I did several times a day, he would say"I'm too busy. Here help yourself." (to the keys). So, I had the full set. I suppose everyone on the staff knew this went on, it should'nt have, but I think we all did it at busy times when we needed to get in quick. But, the Inspectors were not amused. This was just one of many things which were going through my mind. The missing suitcase----about a year or so before I helped myself to this case to go on holiday. When I came home, I forgot to take it back to the Bank. Of course, after a few days, someone was shouting "Where's the case?" Me:- Hold on, I won't be a minute. About half an hour later I walk in with it!!! So, all the staff then knew it was easy to walk out with this case without being noticed. I had no doubt the Inspectors had been told. So, it was looking bleak for me. After about a couple of hours, maybe three, I started to drive. I remember going in a country phonebox near Tremerchion, a little hamlet. I don't remember who I phoned, remember I am telling the truth, but---I do know that I was thinking it was the most important call of my life. Who to. I don't know, it might have been my Wife who, by now, would have been wondering where I was. But, I don't think so. More likely, I phoned the Bank and told them I was'ent coming in because I thought they thought I had done it. But I don't remember who I spoke to if that was so. A bit of a mystery. Anyway, I carried on driving, further and further away. By tea time I was in Newport in Shropshire, I did'nt really know where I was. I had decided. I wrote a letter to the Chief Inspector telling him I thought I was top of the list, and I was sending the letter to his office in Shrewsbury because I was afraid if I sent it to the Bank in Rhyl, some member of staff might open it, it might be the guilty person, and they might destroy it. So, that might take a bit of suspicion off me, I did'nt know. I never heard if he received it. Anyway, back driving now, mind possibly a bit clearer. Heading back to North Wales. I stopped at a pub, always my solution to any problem, had a few pints (long before breath tests) and carried on feeling a bit better. Back close to Ewloe and into the Checkpoint Club, THE PLACE for anyone and everyone in the early swinging sixtys. I knew it well. Monica was in there with two of her lady friends and three hopeful males. You should have seen their faces drop when I walked in, I was the number one favourite at the time, and they had just lost their chance!!! After closing we all went back to one man's house near Penyffordd, and later I took Monica home, then back to Rhyl to bed, probably about 3 a.m. I wondered what the next day would bring.

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