Sunday, December 16, 2007

Were they trying to trick me?

The daytime of the next day I remember absolutely nothing about. No, not plastered, although I often was. Generally speaking at night!!! I must have spent the whole day driving around again, the first thing I remember was in the early evening, I was dead hungry and I went in a Chinese restaurant to eat. I must have decided that I would have to go home. I got a hot reception from my Wife when I returned. She said that everyone in the Bank were getting on at her as to where I was. They said perhaps the same thing had happened to me as happened to my Dad. In the l950's he was the Manager of Barclays Bank in Colwyn Bay. In the days when a Bank Manager was someone. He had about two years to go to a happy retirement, he owned a very nice house in Rhos-on-Sea, very happily married to my Mother with my younger Sister still living at home, everything to live for. Except one thing, he suffered from what I consider the worst illness anyone can have, depression. He could not escape the demons in his mind, he could not stop worring every single day and night over the most rediculous things. One day, walking to work, he threw himself off the Brompton Avenue railway bridge. My Wife, of course, knew me better. Fortunately, I was the exact opposite, too laid back for my own good. Next, a knock on the door. It was Caredog Lewis, the first cashier. "Please come back to work. If you come on Monday, you will find that someone is missing." Lots of knowing looks. I asked time and again, who? After an age he said "Bryn." As soon as he left, I shot up to Bryn's grand house in The Boulevard in Rhyl. I hung around outside, hidden in the dark, watching the house. Nothing seemed to be happening, a few lights inside. After a while I gave up and went home. I don't know what I expected to see, Black Maria police vans outside or what. I did'nt know what to do. I suspected I was being set up to return. I don't remember what I did then, probably alcohol in somewhere or other, that was what was keeping me going and not cracking up. Mike

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