Saturday, December 15, 2007

I think I'm surrounded by enemies

Saturday. I don't know how, I'm not sure if we had a phone at home, not many people did at that time. However, a message got to me. "Did I know a layby on the Rhuddlan Melidan road about half mile from Rhuddlan? I said yes. Well, tomorrow, Sunday at 11.30 a.m. the boss (it could have been him I was speaking to, i don't remember) will be parked, by himself, in that layby. Would I go there? I said I would have to think about it. I was unsure, I could see traps everywhere. In the end, I went. I nearly did'nt. His car was there, and he was by himself. I got in, and we talked. He said Bryn was suspended indefinately from work, he did'nt say what for, and would I turn up on Monday. I was still unsure, I could'nt believe what I was hearing, maybe a guilty conscience, I'll leave you to decide that. But, as we talked, I thought more and more he was telling the truth. I said O.K. I'd be there. I remember his last words well, I could do with a drink. Typical. I think if I had said yes lets go, we would have ended up in a club together!!! Thats how Barclays in Rhyl carried on at that time.

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