Friday, December 14, 2007

So, I'm back in work

Monday morning, I took my courage in both hands and walked in. Within five minutes I was told by the boss to take over the Chief Clerks desk. I used to do it if Bryn was on holiday, but never in circumstances like existed then!!! From being No one suspect to Chief Clerk, on a tempory basis, in one gasp. I could'nt speak to Wyn because of all the Inspectors around, Wyn was probably the only one on the staff that I could trust to speak what I thought was the truth. Eventually a bit at a time, I found out something of what had been going on in the last few days. The inspectors had one day suddenly disappeared. The grapevine had worked, and the Rhyl staff had found out they had all gone in force to Denbigh branch. Bryn had prior to his promotion to Rhyl about ten months before, been what was called "second man" in Denbigh. The inspectors had found something wrong with the books which led them to Denbigh, they confronted Bryn on the Friday with what they thought they knew, and suspended him (on full pay, I might add). So, was I off the hook? Far from it!!!!

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