Saturday, December 22, 2007

Will the robber stand up?

The Bank and its work carried on more or less as usual. But the tension was still building up.The Inspectors were often missing for a long time. Who knows where they were going, who they were talking to. Even the customers were begining to realise that something was wrong, they were saying "Who are these strange men with briefcases?" On the Thursday the inspectors, the whole lot of them, left very early in the afternoon. About 4 o'clock the boss called about eight or nine of the more senior members of the staff into his room, very unususl. But then, loosing £168,000 was unusual!!! The gist of what he said was as follows. "After you have all finished work, I want you all to go straight home, or wherever, but don't hang around the Bank, go right away, and do not on any account come back. And do not on any account stay around outside. I will be in this room, by myself, for at least an hour after the last of you has left. I will be alone, no one else will be in the building. Then, if one of you, whoever he or she might be, would care to come back and talk to me, it could, possibly, help towards clearing up this business." So, we all went home. The next morning we all came to work. We were all looking around for a missing face {or even one in handcuffs}. But, no one was missing. The operation was obviously unsuccesful. However, at least the suspects had been narrowed. Those that were called in the room knew they were suspect, the rest, mainly the girls from upstairs, knew they were in the clear. The whole thing had obviously been set up by the Inspectors.

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