Friday, December 21, 2007

The week before Christmas

Now a bit of personal issues. I was in a rather dodgy marriage. Don't forget, this was in the sixtys, free love etc. I was involved, heavily, with someone who, in my opinion and virtually every mans opinion who set eyes on her, the most attractive lady I had ever seen in my life. Emma Peel of the avengers, she was the spit image of her. She had asked me to go as her partner to the Chester Motor Club's Christmas fancy dress knees up in a nightclub in Chester. She was going as Cleopatria, me Julius Ceaser. She made the fancy dress out of bits and pieces costing next to nothing, but it was most impressive. I was worried, most of the Inspectors lived around Chester. What would they think if they saw me driving through Chester as a Roman with this exceptional beauty. Never mind, it did'nt stop me ---- and against all the expensive opposition --- we won first prize. I don't know if the judges fancied her, I suppose they did. Second, we had the Bank staffs annual Xmas party at the Kings Head, Llanrhyder. This was a strange night, there was a strained atmosphere most of the time, did'nt stop me and several others drinking too much!!! At a much later date, the police claimed at one stage I said loudely at the bar "Here's to the missing money." They asked me if I had said it, I said I did'nt know, they said if I did say it what did I mean? I said I had'nt a clue. I've still got photos of it, everyone looking at everyone else. As we were all going home on Xmas eve Mr Bayley, the inspector, said "Happy Xmas to everyone-----except one." Was he looking straight at me? Mike

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