Friday, November 23, 2007

The jokings over

I went into work as normal the next day. I had.nt had a sleepless night, indeed I have had very, very few in my life. But, I was upset. The last words from the Police as they left me outside my house. Quote--word for word. "We are convinced that, if you did.nt do it, you know who did do it." FULL STOP. So I knew where I stood. I was one foot inside the cell. The questioning the previous day, and especially in the evening, had got fairly nasty at times. At one stage one of them, either sweet or sour, said that they had been told by someone on the Bank staff that at some time in the recent past I had said "If I own up to this, what will happen to me?" I went a bit balistic at this, I said "What the hell would I say something like that for? What is this, a conspiracy." Thats also word for word. The two cops immediately backed off, they did'nt apologise but---they backed off. Work carried on. That day, or the next, Mr Lewis, our first cashier, came to me and seemed to be on my side. He said he had seen my Wife somewhere and she told him about the fracase in my house the previous night. Considering he was a suspect himself, although down the ladder, he appeared supportive. Indeed he said words to the effect he thought the Police actions disgusting, I should take legal advice etc.etc. However, completly apart from that, I had decided that I was'ent going through an ordeal like that again by myself. Come what may, the next time the Police came calling, I was going to have a strong Solicitor by my side, and I knew just the man. The late Mr Graham Roberts, of Gamlin, Kelly and Beattie Solicitors of Rhyl. Son of a Police Inspector. Solicitor in the world famous "Mummy in the Cupboard" case in Rhyl. Anyone remember that? A worldwide first for Rhyl, in 1960. A man discovered a mummified body in a house in Rhyl. Dated back to a death in 1936. A freak current of air had mummified the body. Unfortunately the lady who owned the house had been claiming the "mummys" pension every week near enough for 25 years!!! Graham Roberts acted there, he was good enough for me, never mind legal qualifications, he was a man of the world who understood and symphasised the failings of man. And I had plenty of those failings!!! I went to see him,told him a bit about it, I think he probably had heard gossip already. But, in the event, I never needed him. I never saw the Police again.

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