Sunday, November 25, 2007


The Bank was still full of rumours. Apparantly it was now thought by the Inspectors that there might have been two memebrs of the staff, both on a fiddle, both at the same time, unknown to each other. My reaction to this story was, well, no doubt it was possible, but unlikely in the extreme!!! I just thought it was too improbable to be true. But, presuming that the ex Chief Clerk, now suspended, was one, the other could only be one of the remaining four, the Manager, myself, Wynne my right hand man, and Ceredig Lewis the first cashier. So I sat back, carried on my work, and waited for the boys in blue to descend. And, again, I waited, waited, and waited. One day, two, three a week, lots of rumours but no cops. Then, one day after the Bank had closed at 3 p.m. there was a knock at the side door, and I opened it. Outside were two men dressed in suits flashing some sort of primative I.D. No one was very security concious in those days. As they passed me to enter the Bank they both gave me the most extroadanary glare I have ever had in my life. The older one, in particular, a look of almost, you could say, hatrid. They went upstairs to a spare room we had. I don't know if anyone was with them, but, after an hour or so, they left. I guessed if they were not the Police, they must have been casting for a horror movie.

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