Monday, November 26, 2007

Back in work, after eight weeks.

So, at last, I'm back in work. An embarrasing incedent straight away, my own fault. I was on my old desk, catching up with what had happened whilst Wynne had been doing my job. The boss came around and was talking to me, how was I feeling now, that sort of thing. A new young girl who had started in the Bank as a typist (I think Margaret Brookes, on the original suspect list, had left. She moved away and later married her boy friend, the bank inspector. I never knew why she was on the list, anyway now she was obviously in the clear). I think I'm right in saying this new girl had taken Margarets place. She said to the boss "A Mrs Payne wants to speak to you." You will recall that both the boss and I had the same surname, and, in those days in the Bank, everyone used surnames. Payne was Monicas surname. I hastily interupted and said "No, thats for me." But, instead of cutting her off and saying call back later, I was so pleased to hear from her after eight weeks I carried on talking. The boss hung around me for a few minutes and eventually walked away. I always regretted doing that, I made myself look stupid and childish. The main change in work was the temporary Chief Clerk from Mold had gone. Our new Chief Clerk was one of the middle rankers from the Inspection team, I don.t recall his name. He was with us for good. Also, a bit of news I had been half expecting ever since November. THE POLICE HAD, AT LONG LAST, BEEN CALLED IN. What the Police thought about being consulted six months after the first discovery I never found out. I would'nt think they would be very enthuastic!!! So, I sat back and awaited developments.

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