Wednesday, November 28, 2007

An inforced rest at home

So, this will take me right through April. It was'ent until the Easter weekend three and a half weeks later that the Doctor gave the all clear to go back to work. During this time I had virtually no contact at all with the Bank, but, I did hear that the inspection was still in progress, even if one of the main actors in the drama was away. So by Good Friday I was signed off the National health register. Strangely I felt more unwell that at any time. I found out why on the Tuesday after Easter, the day I was back in the Bank. I got up and my Wife said "Look in the mirror, you're covered in spots!!!" Doctor called again --- Chickenpox. I had been in contact, one of Monicas children had it and I saw her about four weeks before. This time I was ill, it was another four weeks before, again, I was signed off to go back to work. My Doctor pleaded with me----For God's sake don't catch anything else. The Bank had been questioning him and obviously thought he might have been giving out fake sick notes.

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