Friday, November 30, 2007

Its coming up to 4 months

Its coming up to the end of March, nearly four months after the first loss was found out. I was told I had to travel to the Bank's local head office in Liverpool. To be there at 10.30 in the morning. I don't recall if they paid me my expenses. probably I thought I would'nt push my luck with that one!! I remember going by car. As I walked up towards Water Street in Liverpool. after parking my car, I remember being surprised to pass a local man, I don't recall his name but I think, only think, he had a shop in Prestatyn. He was walking away from the Bank. I knew, at the time, but I have forgotten. Also, I have forgotten how he was involved, but I do remember that he was connected in some way with a lot of the Rhyl senior staff, perhaps it was through the Round Table. But, for some reason, and I cannot remember this either, I felt very apprehensive when I saw him. I thought if they are interrogating someone like him, what was waiting for me? I arrived in the Bank, was shown into a room on one of the upper floors, and waited, and waited, and waited. After what seemed like hours THEY all came into the room. The District Inspector, his deputy, Bill Bayley, and another, younger man, unknown to me, and most definately in charge of the proceedings. I am not sure to his name, I don't suppose the casual reader is interested. but for anyone who remembers these times, I think his surname was a name often used as a christian name, i.e. Mr James, Mr George, or something similar. Possibly Welsh, but he had no accent. He was most definately not friendly, his questioning went on and on about everything under the sun to do with me and Barclays Bank. At the end of the day I felt like a limp rag. Report back tomorrow here at the same time. Off to the pub, or Monicas, or both. The next day, the same thing. At this time my Wife had a small shop in Rhyl, and about a couple of years before she, and I because it was really a partnership, where short of cash for stock or something. So we took out a second mortgage on a bungalow we were buying in Rhyl. This was absolutely frowned on by Barclays Bank, however it certainly was'ent illegal in any way, it was normal business and personal practice. But the Bank absolutely forbade it, so I had'nt told them. This nasty interrogator from Head Office in London, went over and over again asking me how I had paid for some particular transaction. I told him a complicated financial deal in detail. Once, twice, after the third time he threw what is called a Land Registry search form on the desk which showed the second mortgage. "Well, what about this?" he shouted. He thought he had caught me out in a load of lies, but not really, I did'nt think. What I had told him did happen, but the second mortgage money and the other monies I had mentioned were all mixed up, who was to say which pound note went there. At last, he went. Bill Bayley came back with more questions, but THE BIG INTEROGGATOR had gone elsewhere, thank God. I was fed up with the whole thing, and I was'ent bothered about showing it. Being told off about my private life for two days was not my idea of fun. Back to Rhyl. Back to work.

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